In order to facilitate the new science/technology-based, innovative and/or specific knowledge-intensive business initiatives, the Entreprenari programme launches the following courses on an annual basis, which are adapted to meet the peculiarities of the creation in question, with the objective being to help them in the initiative’s maturity and launch processes, and bearing in mind that the vast majority of initiatives come from people with a technical background and no management training whatsoever.

These courses deal with business management and place particular emphasis on the areas of business creation, based on training-action methodologies.

Sessions & Seminars

To support the activity developed as part of the Entreprenari Programme, where one of its objectives focuses on offering specialist training in different aspects of business creation and management, whether innovative, science/technology-based and/or specific knowledge-intensive, sessions are organised to deal with raising awareness and innovation.

During these sessions, the different processes of business creation are put forward and explained, along with any grants or aid available for business development, and work practice run by the entrepreneurs themselves.

In the same way, sessions are organised to deal with innovation in collaboration with other agents, in which topics related to the creation and development of innovative and technology-based companies are discussed. There are also seminars on funding, EIBTs [Innovative Technology-based Companies], industrial and intellectual protection, strategic sectors, etc.